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Investing in a collection of mobile phone cases is an effective way to add protection to your smartphone. It keeps your smartphone safe from dust, grime, dirt, water, and germs —. If you are afraid of dropping your smartphone to the floor then, you should use a mirror screen protector to subside your fears. Also, attaching a mirror protector to your mobile phone along with one of our samsung galaxy  cases is one way to ensure that your smartphone is safe from all sorts of damages. In case, the mobile cover case  doesn’t endure a fall from a particular height—a screen protector will definitely keep the screen of your smartphone safe from an external danger. When you buy an samsung galaxy  cases from us. We will provide a free screen mirror protector or free wireless charger for your smartphone. If you want to buy screen mirror protector by itseft it will cost $6.99 with free shipping and handling cost. Retail price is $24.99 you will pay only $6.99 per samsung galaxy model